Custom Woodworking for a Hidden Safe

A hidden safe in your home or business can provide a secure place for items that you need to protect but also want to have close-at-hand for convenience of occasional use or reference.

Some people choose to have their home or business safes hidden in the floor, others in walls or as part of built-ins.

View of custom hidden safe built-in in closet, with cover panel

Concealed safes are sometimes obscured from observation with:

  • Wall safe hidden behind picture.carpeting
  • pictures
  • furniture
  • clocks
  • false panels in furniture, built-ins, or wooden wall paneling

Borders Woodworks 904-240-0465 can design, build, and install custom wooden bookshelves, entertainment consoles, cabinets, and built-ins with removable panels that provide access while making your safe less conspicuous.

As an example, these photos show a portion of a custom closet built-in which features a panel that appears to be just part of the construction. Actually the panel can be quickly and easily removed for access to a unseen wall safe.

Our custom woodworking project can add a layer of concealment to the hidden safe in your home or business, while adding to the value and appeal of your property.

See photos of some of these other custom built-ins, bookcases and cabinets in our Gallery pages for Kitchens, Bathrooms, Living Rooms, Offices and Libraries, and Closets and Storage.

If you have a custom woodworking project that you would like some help with in the Jacksonville, Florida area, Call Borders Woodworks 904-240-0465. Or you can Contact Borders Woodworks via our website, and we can meet and start planning your project. Let’s build something!

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