Custom Double Wooden Gate – Jacksonville, Florida

 Custom arch-topped, double wooden gateA Jacksonville, Florida client recently wanted a custom double wooden gate to finish the wooden fence around the back yard of their home.

After having looked at the designs of a number of commercially available gates, they decided that they wanted something more visually appealing.

They came to Borders Woodworks.

For most of our Borders Woodworks projects, we are working with our Jacksonville, Florida area clients to create and develop a design for their custom wooden items such as:

  • Wooden Furniture including
    • Tables
    • Night Stands
    • Coffee Tables
    • Bed Frames
    • Bookshelves
  • Kitchen cabinets
  • Kitchen Islands
  • Bathroom Cabinets
  • Bathroom Vanities
  • Window Seats
  • Home Office and Business Office Desks and Cabinets

such as you can see in our Gallery.

Custom solid black poplar wood carriage house doorsFrom time to time Borders Woodworks is asked to take on a special woodworking project, like the Custom Carriage House Doors that we built for a client’s home in Jacksonville Beach, FL, back in 2015.

Occasionally accepting a custom woodworking special project adds a little variety to our projects and can help give our creativity a playful stretch.

For this wooden double gate project, we first went to the client’s home to get some measurements and discuss the project with our client. Sitting down with the client, we sketched some ideas, and found a design that appealed to them.

Back at our San Marco shop, we built the 8 foot high, arch topped, custom double wooden gate. We used pressure-treated southern yellow pine for this custom gate project. The pressure-treating process infuses the wood with preservatives to resist rot, decay, and termites for a longer useful life. Here’s a closer look at the arched top of the double gate.

The client wanted their outdoor gate to blend with adjacent fencing, so no paint or finish was required.

Arched top of custom wooden double gate

We delivered and hung the arch topped, double wooden gate.

Custom arch-topped, double wooden gate

Our clients are very happy with their new wooden double gate, and we like to have happy clients!

If you have a custom woodworking project that you would like some help with in the Jacksonville, Florida area, Call Borders Woodworks 904-240-0465 or Contact Borders Woodworks, and we can meet and start planning your project. Let’s build something!

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