Custom Built-in Solid Wood Bookshelf – Deerwood

Owners of a home out in the Deerwood neighborhood of Jacksonville, Florida called Borders Woodworks for a free, on-site consultation about a custom built-in solid wood bookshelf for their home.

Corner view - custom built-in solid wood bookshelf in whiteThe homeowners wanted the built-in to have adjustable shelving in the top bookshelf portion and fixed shelves in the cabinets in the lower portion. There would be two large cabinet spaces, side by side, with solid wooden doors. And the whole bookshelf was to be painted “Snowbound” by Sherwin Williams, as picked by the client.

While in the clients’ home, we took our measurements of the space for the built-in.

We designed the bookshelf back in our Borders Woodworks shop, in the San Marco neighborhood of Jacksonville. Then we fabricated the built-in of solid poplar, and painted the custom bookshelf to our client’s specs.

The actual installation of the bookshelf in our clients’ Deerwood home took a little over an hour an a half.

We do as much work as possible in our shop, to minimize the time we are in our clients’ home, and the disruption to their home life.

Our clients are already enjoying their new custom built-in solid wood bookshelf. And when our clients are happy, we’re happy too!

If you have a custom woodworking project that you would like some help with in the Jacksonville, Florida area, Call Borders Woodworks 904-240-0465. Or you can Contact Borders Woodworks via our website, and we can meet and start planning your project. Let’s build something!

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